WOD: 7-27-12

Ou revoir Lesley and family!  We will miss you!

Strength: 4 sets of MAX Deadhang Pull Ups

WOD: 8 rounds for reps of:

30 seconds AMRAP of Ring Dips
30 seconds AMRAP of Overhead Squats (96/65)
1 minute rest


This workout…hmmm…it was originally meant to be Ring Holds for 30 seconds with the OHS, but a last minute decision shaped the workout to what you see before you.  The idea was to force focus on proper shoulder position after a static hold, but I feel like the Ring Dip will accomplish that and then some.  Taxing the whole shoulder girdle with the Dips and then demanding another active hold in the Overhead Squat will prove difficult after a few rounds.  Please note that this is a workout that is defined by how much work you do in very little time with rest built right into it.  My advice to you would be to get a target number of total reps and don’t stop moving until you get there.  Like all good goals, this one should be way up there so that it forces you to work.  150 reps would be quite the goal in case you couldn’t come up with one (I’m here for ya homie).

Carpe the day,



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